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Our local group began meeting in individual homes in 2000 on the third Sunday of the month using a video of the most recent communion service held at GBC. Before long one husband and wife team graciously volunteered to make their home the regular meeting place. Eventually we replaced the videos with downloads of the most recent service, and then changed our meeting day to the first of the month so we could get the service as close to live as time zones allow. We eventually decided to meet every Sunday with rare exception. If you live in the area, we would love to have you join us any of these days. Just use the Contact Us link to let us know where to reach you. (Since we are still meeting in people's homes, we do not provide an address on this web site for privacy reasons.)

Why all this trouble to assemble with other Believers when we can far more easily put on a tape or CD or get on the computer? Because we have come to believe that the command "not to forsake the assembling of ourselves" is given not only for the intake of God's word but also for the strengthening of the Body.

As like-minded believers, we can uphold and strengthen one another as we go forward in God's plan for our lives, particularly when the fiery darts come fast and furious from Satan's cosmic system. To come together and sit in the same room with 15 or 25 or ___ people who are willing to take time from their busy schedules to concentrate on God's word is a source of great encouragement. Even if we do not say a word to anyone, just by coming and taking in the doctrine we affirm the process and each other.

The presence of each person who has come here is important and relevant. It strengthens all of us. Most especially we want to thank those from Lighthouse Bible Church who have sacrificed their time, talent, and treasure. Their actions show us the living reality of the teaching we have been receiving on the importance of the Body. We are profoundly grateful for what they give to us, and for all the rest of you who consider God's word rightly taught to be more important than your daily food.


A few individuals got together in December, 2005, to discuss a vision of coming together as an official church Body. Not only did we want to provide for the local Body to assemble, but we wanted to be able to provide a mechanism for that Body to exercise its Spiritual gifts as well as pool together the financial resources and talent to support specific Doctrinal Ministries.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and we look forward to meeting with you on a regular basis in the "pursuit of the high ground which is our calling"...

Arizona Grace Bible Church
Board of Directors

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